Google Algorithm Updates 2021

April 19, 2023
Reading time: 2 min

Google announced upcoming changes in search engine. In 2021 user experience will be one of the key ranking factor. We checked all details about future update Google Page Experience and created a list of advices. Right now, you have an excellent chance to prepare your website or app for changes.

Google documentation contains the checklist of signals and includes instruments for website audit. Fundamental changes include the following features:

  • Core Web Vitals — loading speed on the user side;
  • User experience (mobile device);
  • No malware and trustworthy of content;
  • Secure protocol for website (https)
  • Number of adds on the website.

New algorithm based on mobile-friendly update, Page Speed Update, the HTTPS ranking boost, the intrusive interstitials penalty, safe browsing penalty, but the main priority will be website loading speed and user-friendly interface.

What does Core Web Vitas mean?

Core Web Vitas contains data about website loading from the user side: score of website loading and first interaction with the elements. Here are the main feature.

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) — the render time of the largest content block (image or text) visible within the viewport. For positive user experience the page loading time should be less than 2.5 seconds.


The Largest Contentful Paint API analyzes your website. It pays attention to elements, svg elements with tag image, video elements, background images that use CSS style, block-level elements.

First Input Delay (FID) — period of time from the first interaction of user with the website content to the time when the browser can process event handlers. The time should be less than 100 milliseconds for good user experience.


Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) — measure of visual stability. For high rank your website should have rate less than 0,1.


How to get ready:

  • to optimize website loading speed and to reduce the number of errors on the website;
  • to analyze your competitors activity and to make own website better (simplify the order, improve communication);
  • to visualize user behavior using heatmaps.

The user experience has more and more influence on ranking positions. Get ready for the upcoming update and enjoy the benefits right after updating of search engine. If you have read the article and have understood that you need some help with website updates, our experts would help you to update the website or the application according to the latest trends.